Monday, October 31, 2011

Delivery Day! Pew I mean Phew!

Well we delivered the mesquite benches/pews to the chapel in time for the upcoming wedding.  So now the "Dancing Trees" have an audience of eight that they can captivate all day long, as the light dances through the holes, ridges and ripples both natural and sculpted on the live edge mesquite slabs. Lou took the opportunity to give the "Dancing Trees" a good waxing and rub out - I think he just likes an excuse to spend time touching them.  

Wax on! Wax off! Dancing Trees by Lou Quallenberg
Thanks too the poor google map directions and a lack of communication, some on my part, but most on the lack of cell service in the area, our friends Laurie and Jim Branvik who live in Bandera and offered to lend a helping hand unloading and setting up the benches/pews, arrived as we finished assembling them in the Chapel.  They had not seen the "Dancing Trees" in their finished form so it was an opportunity to show them and reconnect, although very briefly. Jim is the Original Horseshoe Engraver and one of our favorite artist's to hang out with - of course we prefer it when Blondie is with him! 

The Chapel Benches/ Pews or shall we say seating?

Speaking of Jims' my cousin Jim gave us this little gem of a joke that I can't resist sharing:
Q: What happens if you fart in Church?
A: You have to sit in your own Pew!  (Wish they were all as beautiful as Lou's!)

The next part of the Chapel commission on the schedule is the Podium / Lectern. This will be another amazing sculpted beauty.  The mesquite slab is big and bulky and I often catch myself thinking of it as "Big Momma."  I can't wait to see what Lou Quallenberg does with this piece of mesquite. Check out the video of him having Shawn cut and shape it with the chainsaw: will be showing an older piece (s-curve mesquite coffee table), that does not really reflect his current work style, at the Texas Furniture Makers Show since the crazy busy schedule this year prevented Lou from creating a new outstanding potential award winning show piece - maybe next year!? He will have a few mirrors and framed photography hanging in the Derby Gallery. Who knows ? maybe the s-curve will find a new home while on display.

Marta's New Logo

As for new homes we are sad to say that Riverbend Fine Art our Gallery in Marble Falls is closing in November. We really did enjoy the gallery space, art and artists, and of course the amazing Marta Stafford.  But as one door closes another opens and in January 2012 Marta Stafford Fine Art will open it's doors and we cannot wait to see what she does in this great new venue. We hope to have her continued representation in the Highland Lakes Area and wish her much success!

Much of my November will be spent along side MeMaw (my mother) as she undergoes knee replacement surgery on the leg that she broke in 1967when she fell out of a deer blind! They will be removing the old hardware and replacing it with a new knee and more modern techniques.  Please keep her in your prayers.