Monday, January 31, 2011

Bon Voyage! Safe Journey! & London here I come

Bon Voyage!! Tables leave the shop.
Shop to Trailer to London! Good Bye!
Bon Voyage!  We whispered aloud as the trailer pulled away from the shop. Safe journey was our wish for the two tables that were safely wrapped and strapped into the trailer being pulled by Thad Hanna of Fredericksburg Shipping. We had originally planned to follow the trailer and record the process of the journey that began in Llano and had two more stops before it even left the "Great State" of Texas. The mesquite tables were bound for Fredericksburg where Thad would work his magic, build crates and prepare the shipment for the port of Houston and it's long journey across the pond.  We thought this was our last glimpse of the tables and got a bit misty eyed. 

As they pulled out of the driveway almost on cue Lou received a phone call request from Joe Prest  of Hill Country Mesquite in the UK to add a block of mesquite wood to the shipment, if we had it on hand.  We found a nice piece of mesquite that fit the size requirements for the UK project so we took the trip to Fredericksburg.  This meant we got to see the girls one last time already safely packed into their crate and ready for their journey over seas.  

Lou gets to say goodbye AGAIN!
This one still needs it's crate.
Staked and Packed
I wish that my travel preparations were as easy as theirs looked from my perspective. Although I know we were not involved in the paperwork and delivery details, that I am sure could make a person CRAZY if they did not know what they were doing, shipping furniture to another country. So THANK YOU!! Thad Hanna and Amie & Joe Prest for your hard work and knowledge on both ends, that made this so easy for us here at Lou Quallenberg Studios in Llano, Texas.  

It is not that my travel arrangements are really all that difficult it's just that because of a few health and energy issues each step of the way has to be planned out with some scheduled down time.  

The part of the trip that British Airways is taking care of was all set up:

Feb 2nd
Global Entrepreneur Conference in New York
Celebrity Entrepreneurs Bill Rancic, Barbara Corcoran, Rhonda Abrams

Feb 3rd
Fly to London on Private British Airways Flight
Champagne Reception London

Feb 4th
Breakfast Conference London
Keith Williams, CEO, British Airways
Lord Stephen Green, UK Minister for Trade and Investment
Sir Clive Woodward, Olympic Performance Director, British Olympic Association

After Friday each of the 250 British Airways Face of Opportunity Award recipients are on their own with a free flight to ANYWHERE British Airways flys for their face to face meetings.  The destinations are as diverse as the businesses represented.  My plans for Cairo and the pyramids were changed due to the recent protests, violence and upheaval as I post this I am scrambling to make plans in Barcelona.

The group has already started networking on Linked In. Our frequent input (using Lou's profile-because I don't have time to manage his profile and mine) on the Linked In Group caused British Airways to invite us to be one of ten Quick Tips Filmmakers at the conference.  They will give me a question to ask as many of the people at the conference as i can while recording the answers. I have already connected with the lovely and talented Jennie Walker a musician with an incredible voice. Her song Night Flight to London (click here to hear it) is already my theme song for this trip and I am sure it will be the whole group's theme song by the end of the trip. I can't wait to know her better and hear that voice in person.

I am also looking forward to meeting Judith Z. Miller an artist that works with sticks and stones making an unusual line of wearable art. Judith hopes to head to Thailand after the conference if she can raise the funds on another award recipient Danae Ringlemann's website Indie GoGo a very cool crowd funding or international fund raising website. Jennie Walker is raising funds for her trip there as well.  I hope to use the Indie GoGo site at some point in the future to put into motion my dreams of a Hill Country Artist Retreat, Art Education and Art Ranch. 

Thea Marx of Contemporary Western Design has already set up a meeting with Harrods in London and plans to go on to Paris to meet with folks from the Louve about a Western Design and Style show like she puts on every year in Wyoming.  T. Cat Ford is a writer and will be meeting with theater companies about her play  THE CHAOS TRADE - An American Comedy of Investment ErrorsDebbie Nathan is the founder and  executive director of Artsbridge Inc.  a place that gives Israeli and Palestinian youth the opportunity to see each other as human beings using art. Okay I know I am mentioning mostly artists but that is who I usually connect with. 

Here are just a few of the interesting products/ businesses that are represented by the group:


Adrienne Neff, adrienne neff design services llc  (Designer Wall paper WOW!)

Barbara Barran, Classic Rug Collection, Inc. (the Highest quality Custom rugs)

Vincent Lai, Skinny Vinny Designer bags

Roseanne Horn, tili group, llc. Tili Bags colorful ziptop plastic bags

Rachelle Kuramoto, kigo footwear LLC 

Jeanette Gray, all things pink and green 

Harriet Seltzer, Things Deco (one of my favorite design styles!)

Jane Angelich with Super Collar a retractable leash collar


Bill McClelland, Bag Snaggers, Inc.

Nanette Hunter, D-Unique Tools- Universal Square

Kahoru Watanabe, Wing Power Inc (really neat Solar/ Wind towers) 

Brian Mooney, The Storymatic 
Mark Burginger, Qubits Toy Company (this could go under design as well!)
Stephen de Zordo, InPlay Products, Inc. KOOBA


Erica Kalick - Erica's Rugelach & Baking, Co Yum!

Kristin Sharma, Modern Day Masala

Artemis Kohas, Mshop LLC dba mastihashop (never heard of this but I REALLY want to try it) 


Donna Drake, Drake Media Network,Inc. Live it Up Show

Darnell Sue, Girl Power Hour


Edna Ma  BareEase & cream to numb skin before waxing

Amy Galper  Buddha Nose Ltd


Please note there are quite a few Non profit groups as well and I just do not have time to list each one and their cause but I encourage you to go to the Contest website here and look them ALL up because this is such a great group.

I could go on and on  because there are so many unique and great company's represented and I hope that I get a chance to at least meet them all and connect with as many as possible. 

By the time you read this I will be on my way to New York.......