Thursday, October 31, 2013

SHOWTIME for the "Susan" Mesquite Entry Table

"Susan" Mesquite Entry Table - Mesquite Furniture by Lou Quallenberg
As we have for the majority of the past 9 years, most of October was spent scrambling to finish Lou's entry in the Texas Furniture Makers Show ®. We knew it would be tight because of its close timing to the "Western Trappings on the Llano" Exhibition & Sale - Grand Opening and a much delayed yet somewhat unexpected trip to Philadelphia in September.  So same as last year, the call to former clients went out to see if we could "show" one of his former pieces, in the event that a new piece was not completed in time.  Last years piece "Drift" was delivered dripping oil and wax. The finish not up to the Lou Quallenberg standard (even though the piece WON the Best Texas Style Category) and was quickly stripped and refinished for photos, and ultimately it's new client. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donahue answered the call this year by consenting to the use of their "Susan" Mesquite Entry Table in the Texas Furniture Makers Show ® .  Last year they had Holiday parties and were enjoying the new mesquite furniture piece in their home for the Holidays. This year Susan's wedding (yes the table's namesake) and other plans meant they would not feel the loss of the "Susan" Mesquite Hallway Table in their entry way as severely.   

Lou Quallenberg's Website Home Page -
It was an interesting and happy coincidence or synchronicity that we had already chosen to create new business cards using the "Susan" Table's curvy photos.   In an effort to match the marketing we also changed out the website Home Page image (seen here).  We felt this image shows off Lou's distinct, curvy design style and leans more towards the sculptural work,  style and direction he is moving into.  

The New Folded Card for Lou Quallenberg Studios
Our choice of doing a folded card this year has presented it's own set of challenges. Once folded and stacked together the cards have a spring loaded effect and can surprise the unsuspecting card collector by flying in unison across the room.  For this reason we have taken to displaying them open with the inside facing out and letting the person gathering a card fold it themselves. They take up less space and avoid the flying across the room trick, which I am sure most folks would prefer not to happen anyways.
Mesquite Entry Table: The "Susan" - Mesquite Furniture by Lou Quallenberg
The "Susan" Mesquite Entry table was designed to go under a painting in the Donahue home.  I have to say I had seen the pictures recently because we put them on the cards and website but I honestly had forgotten how truly breathtaking the piece is in person.  It  measures a whopping 10.5 ft long by 2 ft wide by 3 ft high. It really makes a presence and begs for you to touch it. We hope that you get a chance to go by and see it in person in Kerrville at the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center while it is at the 14th Annual Texas Furniture Makers Show®. You can also check out his Mesquite Credenza that is available for sale, some other mesquite furniture as well as some incredible furniture pieces in other woods and materials by some very talented Artists and Makers.
The "Susan" Mesquite Entry Table by Lou Quallenberg

Laminated Mesquite Curves by Lou Quallenberg

Mesquite Hallway Table- The "Susan" by Lou Quallenberg
Remember that you can always see Lou Quallenberg's Mesquite Furniture online at and we hope you will stop by and support both of these great shows where you can see, touch and feel Lou's mesquite furniture in person.
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