Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists STEAL"

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal" The quote is often credited to Pablo Picasso but it has been said by many writers, songwriters, poets, visual artists and the like and nobody is really sure who actually said it first.  One reason we like to attend Shows (Furniture and Art/Design) is the connection and energy that is created with the other artists.  The sharing, borrowing and stealing are given free range as the ideas and creativity flow freely in these gatherings of amazing talent under one roof.  What is taken away from these events is inspiration and  like the quote above one never really knows if it is borrowed or stolen. It just is.

We are pleased to announce that Lou Quallenberg is now being represented in the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg, Texas by: 
222 W Main St 
Fredericksburg, TX 78624-3710
(830) 990-1403

Galeria 19 is owned by Mary Frances Camp and run with the help of the very knowledgeable Jesse Hansell.  We loved the bright, colorful artist's work represented  there and the welcoming feel of this great gallery space. I'm sure we have already begun to borrow and steal inspiration from this incredible resource of international artists. I am in love with Juan Ezcurdia's longhorns  (or bulls) and the amazing sculptures by Syd Ginsberg.  Be sure to stop by, say hi and see the work if you are in the area. (See video below)

We recently attended the 12th Annual Texas Furniture Makers Show Award Ceremony and Reception this year without the usual nervous feeling of how the latest piece will be received. Since Lou's schedule has been so full and the most recent deadline had arrived so close to the delivery date of the Texas Furniture Makers Show, Lou did not have time to create a "showpiece" this year.  We decided to go ahead and enter a piece in the show that had been created by Lou in 2006.  It was a small,  simple, s-curve coffee table with turquoise and gold inlay. A clean, classic representation of Lou's work. We entered to support the show and hey maybe sell the piece.  So needless to say we both had to do a double take when they called "Lou Quallenberg" as the recipient of the "Furniture Committee" Award. 

Jeremy Grubb & his Aruh Bench
Congratulations go to Rex White for winning the "Best Texas Style" Furniture Award at the Texas Furniture Makers Show. Lou  has won the "Best Texas Style" Furniture Award for the past three years in a row so now the pressure is off. Thank you and way to go Rex!! You can see Rex White's work at RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas(also seen in the video above.)

Lou often feels like a newcomer at these shows probably because he came late to the furniture making scene with his mesquite furniture.  He usually feels a connection with the younger crowd at this show and we (as always) try to help promote ANYONE we find with talent.

Jeremy Grubb is one such talent that we have identified and connected with for several years now.  He greets Lou each year like Lou is a rock star - always excited to see what Lou has pulled out of his hat each year.  (Sure hope he wasn't too disappointed with this years entry from 2006.) We have been taken by his artistic talent and over the top style and attitude. Because of that connection and inspiration we created this list of up and coming talent in the Texas Furniture Design/Maker Scene found at the Texas Furniture Makers Show this year.

Our "Ones to Watch" List 
(from the 12th Annual Texas Furniture Makers Show)

Chris Kemler's Jatoba Hall Chair

 Best Contemporary Style 
Chris Kemler
  Jatoba Hall Chair
Chris Kemler working on his 2010 entry
Chris Kemler on facebook

Jeremy Grubb
 Side Table(not pictured)
Judges’ Special Award
(donated by Alamo Hardwoods, Inc.)
Jeremy Grubb's Aruh Bench For Sale at Texas Furniture Makers Show
Houston, Texas

James Breaux
 Carlo Chair 
Judges’ Special Award 

Honorable Mention: James Breaux - Suspension Table

Brandon Berdoll with Large Slab
Brandon Berdoll
Mesquite Dining Table
Brandon's table did not win an award but it DID sell and that is as important as awards!!
Berdoll Sawmill & Furniture Co.
Cedar Creek, Texas


We can't wrap this blog post about the Texas Furniture Makers Show without mentioning Gerry Morrell who we enjoy connecting with every year. Gerry's Mesquite rocker was a really nice piece and we were honored that he was trying to create a piece that would take the "Best Texas Style" category off Lou's table - so to speak.