Monday, December 29, 2008

Obviously not great at Blogging

So obviously we are not great at this blogging thing. Our intentions are there but.... well you know all about intentions and the path they pave.

Looking back it has been a busy, growing year for us. We just delivered another one of our OVERSIZED coffee tables. The "Sister" Coffee table won "Best Texas Style Furniture" at the 9th Annual Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, Texas and was apparently centimeters away from taking Best of Show. (Well deserved congratulations go out to Phillip Sell for his amazing Bamboo Bench that took Best in Show!)

We attended the Western Design Conference again, this time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We were blown away when we opened the local newspaper every morning and saw our "Cody" Table in the full page ad for the Conference. It was also on the tickets for the Show!!! You just can't buy that kind of publicity. The BEST part of that show was meeting the incredible artists and being inspired by all of the amazing talent in that arena. Check out our website for links to some of our artist friends we met there. While we did not actually sell at the Western Design Conference it looks like we will have a few commissioned pieces in the coming year.

We try to look at it all as seeds that we are planting, some will come to harvest when we least expect it. One of the biggest seeds this year was getting our website up and running properly. I won't say it is exactly how we want it but it is a working work in progress and we will continue to work on it. (As always we are open to suggestions)

We are so very thankful that we were able to spend the past year creating "art that functions as furniture" and living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country We look forward to the New Year and all of the interesting challenges and inspiration that we hope we will be fortunate enough to meet and create. We will not make promises but do hope to be blogging about mesquite at least once a month and maybe, just maybe a little more than that.