Monday, July 29, 2013

Mesquite End Tables: Two of a Kind

Mesquite End Tables Two of a Kind
Mesquite Slab Top

Mesquite End Tables in Rough State

We delivered a pair of Mesquite End Tables this month and since I will post this blog on or around our 18th Wedding Anniversary I thought it might be interesting to share their story alongside a bit of ours. 

The slab tops of this pair of  mesquite end tables are a book matched set. Meaning that the two slabs came from the same tree and their placement inside of the tree was right next to each other. I think it is only fitting that they were side by side growing in the tree and in their new life as tables they will be together on either side of a sofa balancing each other with their opposite facing tops. 

End Table Mock up
End Table Mock up

Mesquite End Table

Mesquite End Table
Mesquite End Table Bases with First Coat of Oil

Picture Perfect Pair

We are often called two of a kind, "Lou&Cheryl" is almost a single name in some of our friend's and family's minds. I think that when you view a marriage from the outside looking in, it is easy to romanticize it or make it out to be something easier or better than what it actually is. Do not get me wrong I DO know that what we have is VERY special! But when you are on the outside looking in, you do not see the times of trouble, from times of great illness (see video below), to our seemingly never ending decision of where to live.

We have weathered many trying times and devastating storms, just as we have at times, ridden the waves of good fortune - sometimes celebrating on the back of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. We have attempted to master the lesson: that whether good or bad "this to shall pass."  We have encouraged each other to grow and discover the passions of our hearts and minds. We have found that fortunately that growth has made us stronger, rather than more separate and grown apart - as it does in some relationships.

Lou & Cheryl Quallenberg
Lou & Cheryl Quallenberg
Lou's work is his passion and at times that can be annoying, especially when I have to drag him from the shop covered in sweat and sawdust just to do something with me. It all seems worth it though to be able to stand in the light that he shines as he brings each new piece to life, often from pieces of wood that were destined for the firepit. I get to witness firsthand the growth of his skills as the art in his heart comes pouring out of him, whether he is working on a pair of Mesquite End Tables or his beautiful Dancing Trees.
He has encouraged me to find myself and my passion whether it is flowers, writing, art, children or the search for my next and latest whim. He has never once said "Oh no here we go again!" He supports my thirst for knowledge and my desire to somehow help our small community with volunteering of my limited healthy hours.  He is over protective to say the least, but also the best caregiver I could ever ask for. 

We are two of a kind in my eyes and I am so thankful to have him as my better half!