Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharing, September & Shows

September's shadows 
lean long and hard.
The feel of Fall begins it's bow.
The colors and the show begin,
as winter starts her harsh descent. 
- CW Quallenberg

Lou Quallenberg sharing his knowledge at Art Tour Demo
September always seems to be a stressful month of trying to make up for the slower pace of a heat filled August or sizzling summer (as the case may be.) Show pieces and items are rushed as the arrival of Fall signals  "Show Time" at Lou Quallenberg Studios.  Lou tries to create a new piece each year for the Texas Furniture Makers Show in an effort to support this showcase of incredible talent. We enjoy visiting with the other artists and Furniture Makers at this and other shows that we attend. The sharing of information and the energy exchange that comes from being in a room filled with such amazing artistic talent is exhilarating! 

In 2008 we met an amazing artistic couple at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole. Tim Carney of Timothy's Fine Woodworking and Maureen Shaunnessey of  Brown Bird Studio.  Maureen is the one that taught me how easy it is to blog and inspired me to start the Mesquite Musings journey.  The have a great group of woodworkers in Montana  -  The Helena Woodworkers Guild
Check out their Blog: Sawdust & Shavings  It is on that blog that we discovered this great video about sharing skills and passing info along to the next generation.
I love this quote that they pulled from the Video:
"If you don’t hand it on, all that’s not given is lost. So you must — if you get good at something — show other people how to do this."
— Lida Cardozo Kindersley, letter carver
This is exactly what we believe. We are always sharing techniques, sources, information and just about anything else you can think of! Lou feels that if someone is copying his ideas it is a compliment and not a theft like some may see it as. He knows in his heart of hearts that he will always have a new idea or design in his head and nobody can take that from him.

What knowledge skill or craft are you passing along to the future? Do you share it? If not why not?

Lou Quallenberg's Upcoming Shows:

October 31st-November 30th 2013

October 18th, 2013 - January 4th, 2014

A few shows that we wish we had the time for but just could not break away for this year :

          October 11 - 13, 2013                       September 5-7, 2013              September 18-22, 2013
          Fredericksburg, Texas                    Jackson Hole, Wyoming                Cody, Wyoming

While Lou Quallenberg Studios did not make the final round in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards we are currently in the second round of voting in the Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest. We appreciate your support! You can use this link below to vote for us and who knows maybe Lou will win a Commercial during the Super Bowl!