Friday, January 30, 2009

Green Mesquite Furniture and Intentions

Well it is the end of the month and the intention to regularly blog seems to have been just that, an intention. We are busy trying to finish up a commissioned Bedroom Suite and the weather just won't cooperate. The cold and wet are really not conducive to a good environment for finishing our mesquite furniture.

With the New Year comes a renewed interest in doing our part for the environment. We are working at building our furniture as green and sustainable as possible. We try to use products that are safer for the environment, eco-friendly and therefore safer for us as we are using it. Tests are in progress and as we master the new products we will report back with our recommendations. By using mesquite that is already being removed from ranches, we are turning something that would be burned up in a brush pile, someone's fireplace or Bar-B-Q pit into a long lasting treasure. Since we prefer the curvy trunks we are not competing with the flooring industry for the super straight trees and producing huge amounts of waste because it is not perfect or flawless. We expect this mesquite furniture to be around long after we have left this great earth and we hope to leave the earth in better condition than we found it.