Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mesquite with all my HEART ♡

Well my goodness it really has been a while since I have posted to the blog.  Our hands and hearts have been full with elder care, which is a bit like juggling jello at times. So some things have gotten dropped. Hopefully I will rise above the emotional, physical and financial toll this has taken on our family and continue to post our progress.  That is the plan.

With that said I am happy to share Lou Quallenberg's latest direction in his mesquite masterpieces. Lou has always put so much of his heart and soul into his work and this new direction is no different.  His new works actually take the shape of a heart with his distinctive design style - of course.
Mesquite Hearts for Cheryl on Valentine's Day

Every year for Valentine's Day he presents me with a mesquite valentine.  They range from tiny tokens to 3ft sculptures carved into a branch and everything you can imagine in between. The heart posted on the blog in February last year  Mesquite Furniture, Fire & Flames was one such heart.

Mesquite Heart in Flames by Lou Quallenberg

 During the @LAST Llano Art Studio Tour a few years ago a gentleman saw it and asked to have something similar created for his wife. Lou put it on the back burner. Eventually he decided to make two so he could pick one and the other could go to Marta Stafford Fine Art Gallery since he had been promising her something new for a long while. Once people saw those hearts being made in the shop, they ordered their own hearts and so Lou was launched into the sculpture business by way of heart.

BTW the very patient and understanding Marta Stafford still has not received one for the gallery yet.

Open Heart in Mesquite for Cheryl

Moresco Square Base Mesquite Heart by Lou Quallenberg

Moresco Natural Base Mesquite Heart by Lou Quallenberg

Messer Mesquite Heart by Lou Quallenberg

Lacy/Franco Mesquite Heart by Lou Quallenberg

 Laminated Mesquite Heart by Lou Quallenberg

So as we start this day in celebration of our 20 years of marriage I publish this post in honor of my talented, artist of a husband Lou Quallenberg. I only  ask that our remaining years be filled with as much love as the last 20 years!

with all my HEART ♡