Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friends, Family and the Economy "we shall see"

February has come and is quickly going, going gone. Where does all the time slip off to?

This month has been a month focused on finishing up a commissioned project (Mesquite Bedroom Set) and preparing the mesquite wood for another. We are also so pleased to announce our new partnership with Patina in Marble Falls. The Gallery setting that the Stange's provide is artfully arranged with the collections both stylish and upscale. We are very proud to have them represent us in the Highland Lakes Area. We are still represented in Fredericksburg by Artisans at Rocky Hill which in case you did not know has relocated to West Main into a larger space. As always Anne Bradley keeps the space beautiful and ever changing.

A word about the economy? We hear every night on the news the dreadful, dreary outlook on the US economy. We feel so blessed that we continue to have work coming in, a roof over our heads and food on the table. Lou was in the building stages of a new business during the last recession and grew a strong and successful commercial photography business as others were faced with closing their doors. One of his theories is that in these tough times the cream rises to the top. We hope that his talent will once again be a part of that cream. He will continue to produce his designs in mesquite for as long as he can physically work the wood. The key to success is to have a passion and Lou has the passion to learn and use this interesting media known as mesquite. Each new piece he produces becomes a favorite and at times it is difficult to send them on to their new homes. Keep updated on the works of Lou Quallenberg at our website

The F in February can stand for Friends & Family as we deal with a few peaks and valleys in the lives of our friends and family. Kind of like the weather this month 80 degrees one day then 40 degrees the next. We watched Joy Quallenberg on television at the Westminster Dog Show as our dear dog friend Goldie passed on. Our concerns for Me Maw as she goes through facial reconstruction were tempered with childhood memories as Matthew pulled his first tooth. We watched as Sharon's job loss was turned into an opportunity to advance. It reminds us of the Chinese Story of the boy who got a horse and the villagers all said "That's Good" and the wise man said "we shall see" then he fell off the horse and broke his arm and the villagers all said "That's Bad" and again the wise man said "we shall see" and then the war came and he was left behind because of his broken arm......