Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marching along to the beat of Mesquite

Well March has just marched right along and has been a month full of progress. The Mesquite Bedroom Furniture finally finished up and delivered safe and sound to it's new home. Where we hope it will provide it's owners many years (possibly generations) of sweet dreams and restful sleep.

Lou's unique designs sometimes require creative solutions. The typical brass bed bolt covers really were not an option for the mesquite bed. The idea of metal Texas stars was discussed but really did not fit the design style. So mesquite and purple heart buttons were finally designed and created with earth magnets (the REALLY strong ones) embedded in the back. The difficult choice of mesquite or purpleheart was left up to the client by providing 8 of each kind. He liked the purpleheart that matched the other smaller accents on the pieces and she preferred the mesquite for its subtle look. We are still not real sure who won that one.

This month Llano, Texas finally got it's first Chinese Food Restaurant. Whoa!!! Talk about progress!!! It has been the hot spot in town for the past few weeks and by the look and taste of things should be a success. Chinese food in Llano who would have dared to dream it?!

MeMaw now has her new nose and once the swelling goes down should be even better than ever. Just a friendly reminder: have a dermatologist give you the once over regularly. Ya just never know what might be lurking there right in front of your face.

Lou is now on Facebook. That is REAL progress since he can barely send email. We hope the account will help out in the networking department. Maybe we will actually stumble across our six degrees to Kevin Bacon cause I really think he would appreciate Lou's mesquite furniture designs.

On the homefront (or make that shopfront.) We finally made friends with the longhorns in the back field behind the shop. They are super friendly. We will have to watch to be sure they don't tear down the fence for some attention. They usually come out about 6:00ish that's pm if ya wanna stop by the shop for a visit. Lou has also made friends with the goats next door but they are early am visitors if you want to catch them. We named their leader Billy and he is a bossy one. Bring carrots or apples either way and make sure you schedule plenty of time to visit if PaPaw/Steve is in the shop he'll teach your ears off!!

As Lou learns the in's and out's of working with mesquite we notice that it's craggly character provides unique challenges along with smooth and subtle surprises and we just follow, marching along to the crazy beat of mesquite.