Monday, March 31, 2014

Liquid Lux Mesquite Furniture: Just Add Water

Lou Quallenberg Studios
Liquid Lux
Our new & exclusive line of Mesquite Furniture 
Lou Quallenberg Studios
Instant Gratification.
Just add water.

Due to the natural, native state of the mesquite wood pulp and a special non toxic process that we use, adding  water to the top of the capsule activates the living cells in the wood. Within hours the growing process of our mesquite furniture is complete and a fully functional and finished piece of mesquite furniture rises from the spot that you place the water filled capsule.

Natural Cracks and crevices as well as unusual wood character will be individually based upon the actual natural character of the wood. The finished piece will look similar but may not look exactly like the photo on the capsule. Turquoise inlay is available at an additional charge.

CAUTION: You must leave enough clear space around the soaked capsule for the completed piece to grow or the results will be stunted and possibly deformed. We are not responsible for improper handling and/or poor results due to inappropriate growing conditions.

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If you have questions or concerns about this or any of our Mesquite Furniture products please first note the date of this post before inquiring help from one of our customer service representatives. Thank you from Lou Quallenberg Studios. Don't be a fool!  
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