Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mesquite Furniture takes a Sculptural Direction

So as we wrap up this year of mesquite furniture making and look back on the client list, projects and creative challenges we find that this was the year that Lou's work has REALLY jumped creatively. The exciting projects currently in house will be released in the coming New Year 2014 and show a leap in the direction of his work. Lou has been moving into a much more artistic and sculptural direction and these new pieces will certainly showcase that direction.
Wood Jig
Lou Quallenberg with Jig to bend Mesquite
Mesquite Furniture
Lou Quallenberg & Shawn Walker remove mesquite curve from jig
We are thankful for the new clients this year that have helped push this new direction, but are also aware that several of the former client's (now collectors) with their new projects have added to the momentum.  What a true blessing to be able to hone your skills and craft as you create commissions for people that truly appreciate your work! We are so very thankful to our clients and collectors, past, present and future that help Lou Quallenberg's work increase in value as they seek it out.

This year we entered two contests Martha Stewart's American Made and Intuit's Small Business Big Game. While we did not win either contest, we like to think that we gained experience by entering and competing and perhaps got a bit of exposure that we would not have had otherwise.  Creating a video for the Intuit contest reminded us that we never really did the YouTube video series that we had started a few years back. So maybe this new year will be the year?!

Check out the video that we did for The Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest:

Check out the first video that we did on YouTube and let us know if you think we should do more:

This year brought us a few surprises with the reunion, connection and reconnection of family.  It reminded us that the world works in mysterious ways and God's hand is in all of it. We are very blessed to add more family and hope to strengthen the family bonds that we already have as well.  With that said we need to add a word or two of THANKS to the Walker Family (AKA Cheryl's Family). Shawn for his work in the shop and on deliveries, Steve for his creative genius in helping Lou make his sketches reality, Carolyn for putting up with the shop shenanigans and Heather for always being on call to Barney sit or lend a hand. Matthew and Taylor for being themselves and helping here & there. We LOVE all of our families: old & new, good & bad, known & unknown, alive & deceased because we know they are ALL in some way a part of what makes us who we are.    

The Lou Quallenberg Studios Catalog was updated in early 2013 but it along with the website are due for a TOTAL makeover this new year. We are open to any and all ideas and suggestions so please feel free to let us know what you think.

We received some good press this past year with an article in Tex Appeal Magazine and a mention in the "THINGS WE LOVE" section in Western Art & Architecture.  While mesquite is a Texas native and Western art collectors are aware of mesquite and its beautiful qualities. Our goal is to attract buyers and collectors that are not so familiar with the wood.

Sometimes a familiarity with something limits the imagination of what it can be,  we see mesquite as a beautiful medium that should not be limited by its Texan and/or Western roots.

Don't get me wrong, we embrace the Texas Heritage of mesquite.  We truly appreciate the favorable reception of Lou Quallenberg's work at The Texas Furniture Makers Show.  A "Jersey" boy Winning the "Best Texas Style" Category a whopping five times says something about the maker, the wood and it's Texas roots, but we see it as something bigger than Texas. Oh wait did I really say that?! Okay as BIG as Texas!  What I am saying is the beauty of this wood should not be limited to Texas or western homes and ranches.....

"Sometimes a familiarity with something limits the imagination of what it can be, we see mesquite as a beautiful medium that should not be limited by its Texan and/or Western roots." CWQuallenberg

In this coming new year we hope to continue our work of helping, encouraging and inspiring young artists (and maybe a few older ones.) We know that we learn from and are inspired by them as much as they are by us. We DO still dream, search and plan for a future creative workspace that will include an Artist in Residence program and be a place of inspiration for years to come. We truly love to collaborate and share with artists of all kinds and offer ANY and ALL of our experience and skills gained to anyone who takes the time to ask for or seek it out. 

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  
May ALL of your Dreams and Desires 
Come True in 2014!