Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring greening.....

The mesquite trees have done their thing here in the Texas Hill Country and while we may not have our deep blue seas of bluebonnets this year, the hills are alive with the electric, yellowy, lime, green feathers of the mesquite. Read more about the mesquite in spring (Mesquite Tree Poetry.) HERE

The mesquite in spring robed in a fine feathery lime green..... 

 With all this green sprouting everywhere we spent a little time this month going over our own greenness and renewing our commitment taking care of this beautiful planet we live on and share. Watching the tragedy in Japan build as the nuclear reactors continue to crumble and melt made us take a closer look at ourselves and what we do in our individual daily lives as well as Lou's mesquite furniture making

Lou currently uses a natural plant based finish, Tung 50 Orange made here in the US by Treehouse Lab, as his standard hand rubbed finish. It smells like oranges so no obnoxious fumes.  Better for him better for the environment and you can't beat that. That is just one of the many ways we try to live as green as possible. 

As busy as he is we should be rolling in GREEN! We are having a growth spurt here at Lou Quallenberg Studios so it may be time to start expanding and adding some help. We will do this in baby steps because we have seen what can happen if you bite off more than you can chew. Our main concern with expansion is keeping quality and attention to detail as the focal point of what is created here, it is what Lou Quallenberg Studios is all about and that will not ever change.  If you have tips and tricks to expanding and growing a successful business, that you would like to share, we are all ears.

We have been scouting for a new larger location to house a home, shop and studio all on site. It would enable Lou to work later and longer and still participate in our family life. I would like a place to develop art education and promote some of the other amazing artists we know. Give us a heads up if you know of something in the Llano or surrounding area that might work. We do not plan to leave the Texas Hill Country.

Lou Quallenberg shows his turquoise inlay process.
Lou places each piece individually to get the right look.

Speaking of art and education. The @LAST Llano Art Studio Tour was an unbelievable success!!  We had over 60 people stop by the shop to visit and 30 attended the turquoise inlay demonstration.  Lou only planned for a handful to be at the demo so it was a tight fit around the table, a bit difficult to hear him speaking and boy was it hot in the shop. We will plan better for next year and who knows maybe we will get the video finished so you can watch it anytime in the convenience of your own air conditioned home.  THANK YOU to everyone that came out to see us and the 16 other Art Studios. I think we were all blown away by the support from the community and visiting tourists. We had visitors from Canada, Washington, South Dakota and all over Texas. You can help us get ready for next year by liking the @LAST Llano Art Studio Tour facebook page HERE.
Thirty people attended the turquoise inlay demo.
We are proud to announce that one of Lou Quallenberg's Mesquite Entry Tables is featured in the April/ May  2011 TexasLIVE Magazine.  This is a great magazine with lots of interesting articles.  There was one on Apron's that we both loved reading and then one of our friends saw it at the Art Studio Tour and said that her niece had written it. I tell ya is such a small small world!
We made the April/May 2011 Issue of TexasLIVE Magazine!!
Lou's Mesquite Entry Table featured in the Good Living Section - lone star style

And speaking of the WORLD our mesquite tables finally made it into the United Kingdom and are on there way to being photographed and  featured around the UK and Europe check out our web page HERE (Mesquite Furniture in London) for regular updates.  We are anxiously awaiting the newly designed website for The Mesquite Company as they change their name from Hill Country Mesquite to The Mesquite Company. Joe and Amie Prest are our wonderful representatives for the UK and Europe and we are so proud  to be a part of what they are doing. Like them on facebook here:

Trail of the Deer "Big Bucks
While The Trail of the Deer Auction did not bring in the "Bigger Bucks" it did bring in enough to continue the program for another year. We were sad to see that several of the dear deer will be leaving Llano so the program is being revised making the "Art Deer" available for purchase prior to painting. Our hope is that local businesses, community groups, and even events will purchase a deer (or two) to use as advertising and keep it in town to attract tourists as well as show support for the arts in Llano, TexasLou Quallenberg Studios GREEN Deer "Mr. Big Bucks" was purchased by Icon Poly the Company that made the deer forms for The Trail of the Deer Project. He will be heading to his new home in Nebraska soon so stop by and rub him for good luck before he leaves Llano.  His green good looks have sure brought us luck