Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Memory of March

March is over and in its wake we fondly remember my Aunt Kathryn Turner a woman of strength, courage, and character.  She lived her 72 years of life with passion and full of LOVE. She was my Mother's only sibling and closest friend.....


I will see you in the White Sands
of New Mexico.

I will see you in the sunset, in the snapdragons
and snow.

I'll hear your name called softly on the gentle winds of time.
I'll feel your strength and passion as I acknowledge mine.

I'll hear your laugh reflected in the children of your soul.
I'll feel your presence near me when it comes my time to go.

I will see you in the White Sands
of New Mexico.

I will see you in the sunset, in the snapdragons
and snow.

-CW Quallenberg 2012
for Aunt Kathryn

In her memory I want to post a link to The Woman's Storybook Project of Texas a project that was very near and dear to her and one that could always use more recognition, donations and volunteers:
 Women's Storybook Project of Texas
700 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701

My sister Heather Martin has also created a Relay for Life team in her honor.  Check out: Kathryn's Love  in the 2012 Relay For Life of Llano County TX May 11 - 12, 2012 at Llano Jr High School.  Kathryn was born on May 11th so the relay dates even have special meaning.

The bluebonnets, which skipped last year due to the drought made an early and impressive show along the highways of the Texas Hill Country this month.  Perhaps it is in honor of  Lady Bird Johnson's Centennial?
Celebrating Lady Bird Johnson Centennial 1912-2012

Barney in the Bluebonnets Hwy 7
Field behind Lou Quallenberg's Shop

We could not help but play tourist (or "flower sniffers" as they are so fondly called locally) and took this picture of Barney on Highway 71 going into Llano.  He would not cooperate by looking at the camera so we ended up with a profile shot. 

The field behind the shop, while not a sea of bluebonnet blue was a sea of purple with the most incredible smell you can imagine. Every year I forget that bluebonnets and some of these other wildflowers really do have a fragrance.  We are so blessed to live in the Texas Hill Country.

Most of this month was spent traveling back and forth to Austin to be with my Aunt and family but we did finally receive and start milling the much awaited truckload of mesquite. The shipment kept being delayed first because they could not locate downed or dead trees to the quirky specifications of the artist known as Lou Quallenberg. Then there was an equipment failure to deal with and work around.  This mesquite furniture making business requires training in logistics and a strong sense of faith. The wood is now off to the kiln to be dried for a few projects on the schedule.

Looks like I am being called out of my  self imposed retirement to help start up a floral program for Jamail's Family Market in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. I start full time in April and hope that I will still be able to make the regular monthly blogposts and continue to visit with and meet the incredible client friends we have developed at Lou Quallenberg Studios.
Ralph Moresco

@LAST Art Tour Quallenberg Shop
Lou Quallenberg by Highland Lakes Weekly
We wrapped this month up with the @LAST Llano ART Studio Tour.  This was the second year for the event and our second year of participating and helping coordinate. Lou did a demo on this turquoise inlay process and making curved mesquite laminates. It was so great to host Annette & Ralph Moresco with their beautiful Copper Wind Spirals West Shore Wind Spirals.  We also had Susie Fowler the Shadetree Potter with two pieces of her amazing pottery that survived the terrible Spicewood fire.  The fire took her home and gallery last year but we hope to see her rise like a phoenix out of the flames. Next year we plan to debut a new home, shop, studio location. It seems we have out grown our current location.......   

 Please click here and vote for us at Lou Quallenberg Studios. Help us expand and grow our business with this grant.

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