Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Moving May

May found us moving and on the move....

We helped as all month long my brother moved out of our childhood home in Austin to be closer to us in Llano and begin his internship, apprenticeship and hopefully at some point partnership at Lou Quallenberg Studios making Mesquite Furniture.  

The two sister mesquite coffee tables in the UK are making their journey back to us as The Mesquite Company comes to terms with family and eldercare in Texas, making it difficult to live and run / manage a business in the UK.  We can't hold anything against them as we continue to pass through this interesting phase in our lives as well. We are all trying to manage work and family and we certainly understand the need to be in the same country as that all unfolds.  Many thanks to Joe and Amie Prest for their great intentions and effort to promote Mesquite in Europe.

Jamail's of Horseshoe Bay finally got opened in May and I survived Grand Opening followed quickly by Mother's Day!  The long hours and concrete floors are doing a number on my health so I will be cutting back quite a bit to recover.

Miiller's Llano Smokehouse had a long scheduled photo shoot of their new items for their catalog and website so we managed to squeeze that into May as well.  The Jalapeno Turkey is AMAZING!!! If you have not had it you need to.  The Turkey Jerky is better than the beef Jerky in my opinion. 

Maybe next month we will have a bit more about mesquite furniture making......