Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taking a Break & Making Mesquite Video #1 (Hey that was FUN!!)

This year is off to a truly wonderful start. We delivered the Mesquite Media Chest up to the Dallas area ourselves. It was a great break from the shop and a wonderful adventure into the big city.  Trust me anything is BIG when you live in Llano, Texas!  On our way both up and back we had to stop in Hico at the Koffee Kup first for their famous Burger and then of course the Pie!!! We were surprised to find our sweet friend Jasmine, who is originally from Llano, waitressing there. We were relieved that our clients were so happy with their new piece. They wined and dined us, convinced us to stay an extra night, gave us museum passes and then went and ordered another piece!!

It's been a long time, if ever we had the luxury of going to three wonderful museums in the same day. If you get a chance we recommend them all: The Modern Art Museum of Ft WorthKimbell Art Museum and Amon Carter Museum. We got to see Michelangelo's first painting at The Kimbell. He did it when he was twelve or thirteen and it was a true masterpiece!! If that had been the only piece we saw it would have been worth it. We were so fortunate to also see several of our favorites: Van Gogh, Monet, Pissarro, Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe and even a few early Jackson Pollock pieces. Before we left Llano I had secretly hoped to make the Cowgirl Hall of Fame but the Ft. Worth Livestock Show was going on making that area a bit more crazy than usual. Honestly we just did not have the time to fit it in.  Maybe next time?

Well we did it!! We actually produced and uploaded our first instructional video. Check it out on youTube
It was a learning curve and while it is certainly not perfect we can proudly say "WE DID IT!" It was fun and we hope you will take a look, leave comments, rate it and share it with your friends and/or anyone you think might like it. Be sure you catch the out takes at the end. We are open to any ideas and suggestions you might have for future videos.
Our upcoming videos will contain information like: 
How we make our Laminated Curves
How we create our Signature Butterfly/ Bow Tie
How we Slice our Wood
Loading the Kiln and the Importance of using Dry Wood.
How we Inlay Turquoise 
and many more (well at least 12 total if we do one a month!)