Friday, May 28, 2010

Mesquite takes a back seat

Just for now mesquite is taking a back seat on the blog. Our life right now is pretty busy with the Llano Trail of the Deer Community Art Project.  Seven, life sized white tailed deer sculptures made their way to Llano on May 25th.  The project is similar to the The Trail of the Painted Ponies, Cow Parade, Big Boots, and Guitar Town in Austin.

The deer are now living with their selected  artists who are hopefully working hard at making them each works of art.
Artists include:
Russell Baros   "Daddy WAR Bucks" 
Ira Kennedy  "Star Buck"
Janet Mason   "Tex"
Gin Schwope   "TBA" 
Llano Art Guild  "TBA"
Artist TBA   "Buck Naked"

Lou Quallenberg Studios has committed to creating one of these babies in a collaborative partnership of Quallenberg & Quallenberg.  It will work fine as long as Lou realizes I am the boss - or maybe just bossy (I'm pretty sure he knows that already though.)

We will not be using mesquite for this project, but who knows maybe next year we will try out a new way to use mesquite on the ever evolving Trail of the Deer Community Art Project.   The painted deer herd will be making their debut the last weekend of June.  Then you can expect to see them at most of the events in Llano or Hunt them down using the online map.  One deer, we are calling him "Buck Naked", has been left unpainted.  He may show up at local events and be set up to fire paint balls at for a few "Bucks".   He will eventually be used as a special commissioned art piece.

We plan to have a Trail of the Deer Coloring Contest for the Schools (Elementary, Jr. High, and High School) in the Fall. We are also looking in to getting table top size deer so more folks can make their own deer.  It is all about getting people interested in ART (and attracting tourists to Llano, Texas.) But all of this takes "Bucks" so please consider helping out with a Donation or Sponsorship.

These wonderful folks have already helped get this project of the ground. 

The "Dressed" Deer will all be auctioned off  in the spring and all the "Bucks" raised will go to create an art scholarship, local charity and to help kick start next years "Trail of the Deer Community Art Project."  (We are hoping for 12 Deer  next year!!!)

None of this would have happened if  Robin Chiesa had not put it all on the line and gone for it. She is an amazing woman, full of enough energy to do the work of a committee. Thank you Robin!!

You can read more about our Community Art Project here in the Llano County Journal or here in the Llano News.

Well as many of you know our sweet Louie did not recover last month so we have been grieving the loss of him from our lives. Louie spent much of his time with Lou at the shop so it has been much harder on him losing his buddy. We were not blessed with children so our furry family members help to fill that spot for us. To have that spot emptied in an already fairly quiet home has been very hard on both of us.  The house is quieter now, VERY quiet.  I wrote this one night several months ago when I could not sleep due to the sound effects, in stereo, from Lou and Louie.

I sleep in a room with two large beasts
my ears suffering a ravenous feast.

A high pitch here
A low rumble there
Strange noises that fill the air.

I sleep in a room with two large beasts
hoping the noise will NEVER cease. 
CW Quallenberg 2010
We really miss those sounds and all the sleepless nights it caused. (Watch the video below for a sample)

Why Dogue de bordeaux / French Mastiffs? We have been asked why we stick with a breed that has an average lifespan of 5.29 years.  It is a good question especially since we usually miss out on the sweet puppy stage.  Maybe it is that wrinkled scrunchy face, the gentle slobbery nuzzles, the largest head in dogdom, the laid back attitude mixed with a fierce protective mode that most strangers would not challenge, or memories of  the movie Turner & Hooch.   More than likely it is in memory of the two sweet souls we have already rescued and loved and cannot imagine not having had in our lives. When we are ready we will open our hearts and home to another one of these sweet big headed creatures. Until then we mourn the loss and miss the wiggle. We just are not ready yet......